Fruit kebabs and smoothies

Fruit is fantastic so we thought we would give the children the chance to try some in the form of fruit kebabs and smoothies.

We chose 4 different fruits and carefully put them onto a special kebab stick. Some of us made patterns with our fruit but the best part of it was being able to eat it!P1010808 P1010809 P1010814 P1010812 P1010811 P1010810 P1010815 P1010816 P1010825 P1010826 P1010828 P1010827 P1010819 P1010818 P1010829 P1010821 P1010822 P1010823 P1010833 P1010832 P1010831 P1010835 P1010834 P1010824 P1010836 P1010837 P1010839P1010845P1010844P1010843P1010846P1010842P1010841P1010840P1010848P1010847


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