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Yes, that’s right, today’s topic is tree climbing. One of the bestest ever amazingly fantastic things to do EVER!!! So, let’s get into the topic…

WARNING: Tree climbing can be dangerous so never, ever, in a million trillion years climb a tree that is higher than 3meters without an adult or supervision from a carer over 18 (if you are younger than 12).

What you will need…

  1. A tree that has at least two branches that you can reach
  2. You
  3. An adult over 18

First things first, make sure you are wearing suitable clothes (preferably ones that cover any vulnerable areas of your skin) so you won’t get hurt. Then grab the lower branch with both of your arms and pull yourself up. Now swing your legs over the next branch and grab the branch your legs are on. After that, pull yourself onto that branch. By now you should be sitting on the second branch.

From here, you should be able to climb the rest of the tree. If the rest of the branches aren’t low enough you can just stay where you are, sitting (in a hopefully warm breeze :))

Have fun tree climbing 🙂

HAD out

2 thoughts on “HAD”

  1. This blog is really helpful like all of your of H.A.D blogs since I am dreading the summer holidays. I will probably be sitting at home watching daytime T.V. Could you tell us what to do if the tree had branches that are wide spaces just like at my garden?

  2. I really like this blog as it talks through climbing the tree in allot of detail!!! I think the words in yellow are a bit harder to read so maybe you could change them to a different coulor. Other than that it was great!!!👌🏻😍😂

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