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  1. On Wednesday, 4F went to Hampton Court Palace for our topic, The Tudors. Some of us learnt that they have servants that have to work in a very cold room. After we saw the kitchen, (and realized it was so cold!) My group went inside the actual palace and saw the crown! It was beautifully decorated and the detail is perfect. I sketched the crown in my sketchbook and so did my group. After a while, Mr Foster’s group came and saw the crown as well but they were to loud so we told them to be quiet because the sign said you had to be quiet. My favourite bit in Hampton Court Palace was the crown because of how neatly decorated it was.

  2. My Recount of the Hampton Court Palace Trip

    We arrived there at noon outside Hampton Court Palace. It was massive. Then we got of the big, white coach and made our way into the Palace. There were big, grey statues of a lion, and a unicorn. We passed a short, brown, red wall as we passed through. Then there was a tiny gate in the beautiful garden. We passed through the tiny gateway and stopped for a minute, me and my partner (Jake) spotted an outline of the unicorn statue at the front gate. We finally started moving and we went through the little ticket office. When we got outside of the ticket office, there were a man there giving the class stickers that said education visitors on them. We started walking to the actual Hampton Court Palace, there was a man dressed in brown, neat Tudor clothes waiting for us at another gate (there were a lot of gates there). The Tudor man led us through a medium gate. Then we stopped at the other side of the gate and he asked a few questions about the Tudors. After that we set off, through a weeny door to the old, dirty kitchens called Henry VIII kitchens. We walked through the door and saw a little kitchen with sound that sounded like Tudor chefs chopping pink, grey meat and we walked through the white, ugly, old hall ways and saw a medium sized kitchen with mince pies with loads of meat in them (there was lots of meat in them because Henry VIII loved meat). The Tudor man talked about the room and then we set off to another room which might have been the fish court where they prepared and cooked fish( the man said it was very cold in the fish court), I didn’t think it was that cold(the stone on the ground there had not had the sun shine on them for I think about 500 years but I still didn’t think it was that cold). After we made our way to
    The Great Kitchen, there was a massive fire place there and we got to stand In one, and we got to see a tiny fire in the other one, and there were lots of precious china there. Then after lunch we went into our groups, And the class split up into their groups, and we went to explore separately (Mr Fosters group wasn’t far). First we explored the Great Hall. There were big, long tables with massive, white sheets on them. And we went to the top table (that was Henry VIII’s table), and we got to sit on the king and queens seats, and at the back was a thing about Anne Boleyn (I read the thing about Anne Boleyn). Then we went into a medium sized room, inside there was a thing about Jane Seymour, (I read the thing about Jane Seymour) I asked a lady in nice, poor, neat Tudor cloths what it was, I can’t remember what she said the thing about Jane Seymour, there were also flat bean bags there and we sat on some (I only sat on 2 flat bean bags), and I told the Tudor lady the signs on the wall (I new 1 of them, the 1 I knew was the French sign). After we looked in that room we walled down a narrow, white hallway and we walked into a Stuart room. There were a painting on the wall of naked cherubs in it. We went to various Stuart rooms. Then we walked down a hall way (I thought the hallway was yucky because it had naked statues in it). When we got through the hallway we went into another Stuart room. There were a lot of Stuart rooms. We saw some Tudor toilets. They were quite neat. We walked through lots of hallways then walked outside and went for a wee walk in the garden. The garden was beautiful and the grass was light green. We got a picture under a dark tree, we walked towards a lovely water fountain were some people were throwing tiny stones into the water, but our grown up in the group (Stephanie) told us to not throw stones into the water (but Jake carried on throwing stones in). After we went to a little lake to look at the swans. Then we went back to the coach and went home. It was a really good trip.

  3. A Monk’s Thoughts by Thomas Mitchell

    Why, why, why did he do this?
    I don’t know, but I wish I did.
    How, how, how did he do it?
    Is it because we monks are cursed.
    Selfish, selfish, he is so selfish,
    But I can only think those thoughts.
    I can’t go against the kings will.
    Poor people who go against the king die,
    and get hung up high.
    Wrong, he is so wrong,
    this may be going against gods will,
    what a problem.
    I am so furious,
    I guess god is furious to.
    Gods fury might be so bad,
    people might not stand,
    fall into nothing or fall into hell.
    Henry does it in a foolish way,
    he does it so he can get divorced
    and marry someone else.

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