How does a lion catch its food? 

On our treasure hunt, the fierce lion asked “How does a lion catch its food?”

We read the book The Lion and the Mouse to investigate. This is a picture book that tells a story without words:

At one point in the story, the lion catches a mouse…

… but in the end it is the mouse who saves the lion!

We used the book to create freeze frames. Can you tell who is playing the lion and mouse in each pair?

  Next,  we looked at the book Lions to find out  more. This is an information book that is full of fun facts:

We found out that it is actually the lioness who does most of the hunting. We also discovered this picture of a lioness catching a zebra:

So, how does a lion catch its food?

“She is catching. She is using claws. She runs fast.”
“Lions eat zebras. They hunt buffalos. They tumble down a hill with their food.”
“They fight the zebra. They run. They look.”
“It drags its prey. It fights the prey. They eat a zebra.”

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