How to SURVIVE Primary School by Ashamiya


Ok let’s just get to the point. Like in my other blogs I was saying how special friends are. However there are different types of friends.

True friends and ‘’friends’’
True friends are the people who love you for who you are and are always there for you. They are willing will help with any phase or problem you go through. But it’s not just about them being nice. You have to treat them like a true friend as well. For example you and your B.F.F have been besties for ever but it hasn’t been right. You are still the best of friends but you take charge, you always pick the games you play, you always make the decisions for both of you.  It doesn’t mean that you are being rude but you might not notice that your friend might be dreading to play with you again because they might not be having as much fun. So maybe one day they might get fed up and will tell you how they feel and you both might get into a big argument. Luckily I‘m here! ♥

First of all I will tell you about real friends and how to pick carefully for them and how to notice if you’ve got them. Let’s say you are new or you don’t have friends and you don’t want to make a mistake choosing someone you want to be friends with. But remember, you can’t force someone to be your friend or let

fake or not?
fake or not?

someone force you. Ok you want to be friends with this really popular person because she/he is really popular, but is really mean if they think you’re annoying or don’t like you. This will take up some spying/testing but not the kind where you follow their shadow, it just means that you will be watching closely to how they react when you bump into them or drop their books. But you can’t go barging into them like a big bully, act normal and help pick them back up and say sorry and pay close attention to how they act. If they are ok with you then you know that they aren’t like the other people who say “OMG you are SOOOOOOOOO annoying! Wait until I tell Ashleigh! HMPH!’’😠😠 😠 They are definatly not the friends you want. For the nice people read my other blogs to see how to socialise with them. Now let’s get on with real friends and ‘’friends’’. When I mean ‘’friends’’ they are the people who might use you for popularity (if you are.) Or they are pretending to be you friend, because they have been in an argument with her friend and is using you to get their friend jealous. But how can you tell if they are really your friend or not?  A real friend is a person you can trust, who help you with your troubles, cheers you up and will stick up for you – e.g. bullying -. 😢😠. The fake friends may be better at acting that Angelina Jolie but they are armatures. The ‘’friend’’ may pull some secret groans when they have to play with you. However I did mention the word secret so you have to pay close attention, you have to be more sneaky that them. With the corner of your eye act natural but see what they are doing. Are they continually sighing, are they pulling faces? But if they are they are a fake friend you have to be gentle with them. If you don’t want to be their friend you can tell them about what you have seen, if they have been doing stuff like talking behind your back. When or if they have denied all of the things you just say ok and let it go. This is because you don’t want an enemy on your back; if you have other friends then you can play with them more, but if the person insists that you play with them just say I will play with you later.

Hope I helped 🙂 😀

3 thoughts on “How to SURVIVE Primary School by Ashamiya”

  1. Sometimes my friends talk about me behind my back but to anyone who is having these problems should carry on reading this. Great blog Ash, really helpful for secondary school as well. I will use this later on in the year. 😀

  2. thank you! this will really help people who have troubles with friends and life at school, (this really, really, really helped me with my school problems) thanks again! 🙂

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