How to use

Some Yr 2 children at Edmund Waller worked really hard at lunchtime to create this video showing you how to use on the internet. This will help everyone practise Mandarin and learn different languages if they want to.


Volunteers had to cooperate and use lots of other good teamwork skills to make the video. They also had to use their vocabulary and their Mandarin knowledge. In order to make this a great video, they used an ipad to shoot it. The people who have used have expanded their minds and are now able to connect to the outer world. The children who volunteered to make the video have also tried their best and worked really well.

Well done and happy practising.

By Toby in Yr 5

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  1. Well, what a quiet night I’m having..thankyou to to the amazing year 5 children for a wonderful experience down on the farm. We had fun,did hard labour starting early in the morning till supper time. Fantastic memories . sleep tight xx

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