International Evening

On the last day of half term, the school celebrated its diversity with an International Evening. Some of the children in Reception C dressed up for the occasion.

Emily H is wearing a traditional Chinese dress and Isaac is wearing a traditional Scottish kilt.

We also talked about countries we have been to or know about:

“My mum is from Portugal and I have been to Spain. It’s really hot there.” (Jennifer)

“My mum is from Argentina and my dad is from England.” (Inalen)

“My auntie and my family live in Trinidad and I live in England.” (Ky-mani)

“My cousin Claire lives in Paris.” (Dylan)

“My mummy lived in Japan when she was little.” (Harris)

“I was born in Tooting in England.” (Lola W)

“I go to Spain sometimes.” (Joshua)

“I used to live in Ethiopia.” (Eva)

“I was born in Thailand and I used to live in America.” (Juno)

“My dad is from Jamaica and my mum is from Ghana.” (Prince)

“My mum is from Malta, my dad is from England and I used to live in South Korea.” (Miss Cole)

“My family come from Ghana.” (Mrs Adaah)

We love hearing about, sharing and learning from each other’s experiences!

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