Joss Bay

We had beautiful sunshine when we went to the beach for our Educational Visit to Joss Bay.
P1010700 P1010701 P1010702 P1010703 P1010704 P1010705 P1010706 P1010707 P1010708

The sand was hot and dry so we needed to get water in our buckets to make sand castles.

We even blew bubbles.P1010710

The waves came in and out and splashed all over us. P1010711 P1010713 P1010714 P1010715 P1010716 P1010717 P1010718 P1010719 P1010720 P1010721 P1010722 P1010723 P1010724 P1010725 P1010726 P1010727 P1010728 P1010729 P1010730 P1010731 P1010732

Sunshine, sea and sand. A perfect day with happy children.

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