Konglong the dinosaur

I is confused. I doesn’t know where I is. Everyone surrounds me. I is different. They doesn’t have green skin like I has. They is too small, as well. They is speaking in a language I doesn’t understand. Why is I different? How did I get here? I misses my friends. As I walks down the road, peoples scream and run. Others get out small devices and they points and laughs. I is sad. I doesn’t know who I is. All the signs says something I cannot understand. Suddenly I realises. I is in my birth town, China. I wonders what is happened to the place I knows. The grassy plains are reflected in my mind. I isn’t in the time of dinosaurs no more. Now, I is in a new era. The era of change. I doesn’t know how I is going to cope. I will have to wait and see.

8 thoughts on “Konglong the dinosaur”

  1. i absolutely loved this blog, i cant wait for another one like it…
    i loved the way that konglong talks:he talks a bit like a baby and as N.C asked i wonder if he ever went to school…

  2. How can Konglong understand that he is walking down the road if he can’t read the signs AND he didn’t live in a time when roads existed? That logic is a bit confusing.

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