Moses Boyd Played at Our Assembly Today

Today, in assembly we had a special guest named Moses Boyd and he is a famous drummer. Moses is an excellent drummer, who has now started making albums with other bands. When everyone watched him in action, we were flabbergasted and excited. We all thought that Mr Boyd was great at his rhythms. These are the questions that we all asked Moses with his answers:

  • How old are you? 26
  • Who is your inspiration? Dennis Chambers
  • What other instrument do you play? Piano but slightly flops, because he concentrates more on the drums than the piano.
  • Do you have any siblings? A brother
  • What school did you go to? Holbeach Primary School

Apart from that, I think Moses is a very good role model and he is going to be my inspiration for drumming.

By John in 5F






7 thoughts on “Moses Boyd Played at Our Assembly Today”

  1. This was really good, I like the way that you added questions and answers like an interview. I also like that you added that Moses is your inspiration.

  2. As a student of this wonderful primary school I witnessed this assembly and it was truly special.
    If Moses is reading this then I want him to know it was AMAZING!!!

    By the way no teacher told me to write this. It was all me. 🙂

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