by Beatrice

Hey, it’s me again. So, now that you know the facts about mwah… let’s get into the most AMAZING (not) life in the WORLD (I know, it isn’t very dramatic, but you will have to do). Okay, to get things straight, I will always type in Blue (unless I put emphasis on a word like the above^^^). So if there is a whole paragraph in any other colour, it is probably not me HINT: BLACK is probably my Goth sister (Lily, age 14), try not to read her, she probably is only writing because she stole my diary.

Today was the most unfair day in the whole of history:

  1. My sister ate my Choco Munches (my favourite type of biscuit).
  2. I got sent to head, Mr. Rayfault, just because when he asked me what the capitol of Spain was, I said S.
  3. Mum said that she would take Lily to the cinema  THIS WEEKEND, then she remembered that she was going to take ME to the circus. But, instead of telling my sister that she could wait, she said I couldn’t go! then Lily told me I was young and greedy, even though I am only 2 years younger than her.
  4. My BFF (Yazzy, the same age as me, might wright in Red), dumped me on a dare that Louise(the school BULLY, purple kinda gal) dared us to do. she dumped me so I flunked the dare to.

Bye Suckers, see ya next time. 🙂  

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