My Family (yawn)

My Family




Hi me again, today I’m going to tell you about my family.(Even though they are so boring you are probably going to fall asleep in the next ten minutes.)


My Mum

♠ Name: Eva Parker

♠ Job: Architect

♠ Fave colour: Brick red + cream

♠ Least fave colour: Pink


♠ Drawing

♠ Running

♠ Refusing to let me bring my boyfriend home

♠ Age: Prehistoric AKA 35


She works at home in her study. Sometimes she spends the night there. She hates going clothes shopping.(Why? What’s wrong with it?!)


MY Dad


♣ Name: Edward Parker

♣ Job: Bank Manager

♣ Fave colour: Who Knows? (Who cares?)

♣ least fave colour: ??


♣ Doing boring stuff

♣ ?

♣ ?

♣ Age: 42


He spends most of his time at work or travelling and I don’t see him very much.As  you can tell I don’t Know to much about him, don’t really care.But he’s very strict and tidy so he dose not approve of me.(Like I care.)



Sister 1

♥ Name: Kat Parker

♥ Job: Irritating me

♥ Fave colour: This blue

♥ Least fave colour: Purple


♥ Soccer

♥ Hockey

♥ Collecting Sylvanians 

♥ Age: 10


Kat loves sport she is very competitive and thin.It looks like she’s never touched a soda in her life.(she has.)She wants to play for England One day.


Sister 2

♦ Name: Cherry Parker or Etch her nickname from when she was two and bit           everything leaving small tooth-marks.

♦ Job: Wrecking my records

♦ Fave colour: Pink

♦ least fave colour: Brown


♦ taking my old dolls

♦ playing patty cake

messing up Kats sylvanians

♦ Age:3


She can only move slowly but can still wind me and Kat up, only Mum is immune.

When I find her in my room I dump her in Kat’s room with a poly-pocket but when Kat gets back she’s in here again.

Anyway thanks for reading. BYYYYEEEE!!!

P.S don’t let my family see this.







4 thoughts on “My Family (yawn)”

  1. Well done Bythe , I love how Zia’s family are all so different and have such strong personalities. just one thing I wanted to ask was why is Kat’s name highlighted and not anybody else’s ( I’m being very picky) and also maybe you could change the wrighting colour to something not pink, its not because I don’t like the colour it just clashes with cherry’s wrighting. This is really really good, Heidi

  2. You have such a good IMAGINATION to come up with whole family different to your own. Keep up the good work. 🙂

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