My first ever diary blog post!!

Hi guys so today I am going to be talking about my life at home…I live with my 3 older brothers: Kai (13), Jack (15) and john (16) , my older sister Jessie (15) and my baby sister Chloe (1) . And somehow we can all fit in a tiny little house with only 4 bedrooms and only 1 bathroom!

So as you can tell my house is very chaotic: when my older brothers are not play fighting with each other they are pulling pranks on me and my older sister: the other day when my mum was making dinner I had to look after Chloe for 30 minutes so I wasn’t up in my room so after dinner when I went up to my bedroom I steped in and realised that my bed was covered in green slime! And another time when we were all at school kai pretended to be sick so that he didn’t have to go to school and when my mum left to take Chloe to nursery and went to work he went into Jessie’s room and ruined all of her make up.

And when Jessie isn’t making youtube videos about HOW TO MAKE DIY ROOM DECORATIONS she is also annoying me by messing up my stuff and making fun of the way I dress and the things I like, like tidying my room, reading books and doing the maths papers that mum buys us. (But no one except me actually does them. Yes I’ll admit that I am a BIT of a geek.

My dad is always at work so I bearly ever get to see him and on the weekend he only likes to play with Chloe just because she is the youngest, she always gets the most attention: mum loves Chloe she will do anything for her and she always buys Chloe the things that she wants but mum only buys the things that we ‘need’.

But overall I do love my family and I am so lucky that actually have one…make sure to check out my next blog post about my life at school.


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  1. well,
    i guess that’s life, and you are right we are lucky to have a family- even though sometimes they are really annoying. 🙂

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