My Name Is Jasmine

Dear diary,                                                                                                              I saw that Jessica got into my diary and I have appointed a guard… my pet ladybird Dave!  Yazzy loves it but mum thinks I’m being silly Yaz wants to say something


Yah Dave the… ladyguard? No, sounds he’s a girl umm… guardbird, but he’s not a bird. Anyway Dave is an excellent guard, he once guarded my pencil for me and no one stole it


Yeah, but you chew your pencil…


Shush. Look, you’re making Dave sad. 🙁


Sorry Dave, you’re an excellent guard… oh we’ve got to go now, bye Dave

Jasmine out                


2 thoughts on “My Name Is Jasmine”

  1. this was sooo funny i love the fact that you have a pet ladybird, especially one called Dave!!!
    i would love it if your next post was longer though…

  2. Oh! How much do I want my pencil guarded by Dave?!
    I love how you do the different fonts for the different speakers and I encourage you greatly to carry on doing so.

    P.S. I also agree with N.H, please, oh, please make these amazing pieces of writing a little bit longer?!?!?!?!?! 🙂

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