Our adventure to Joss Bay

This half term, we have been following different characters through their adventures. Last Thursday, it was our turn! We went to explore the far-off-land of Joss Bay. What was your favourite part of the adventure?

Travelling on a coach?

Having a picnic on the beach?

Doing activities in the sand?

Testing the water?

Like all good adventures, our day was filled with surprises. We found a ‘mermaid’s purse’, and one of our parents taught us that this was a shark’s egg case. We also found a rock shaped like a dinosaur bone! Halfway through the day, we heard a huge roll of thunder, and saw fork lightning on the horizon. We even made some new friends along the way!

Our new feathered friends.

We had lots of assistance from parent volunteers, and the day would not have gone ahead without them. Thank you to everyone who joined us on our adventure! The children in Reception C behaved very well and should be proud of their conduct on this educational visit.

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