our educational visit to the Croften Villa

On Wednesday the  18th  May  5F [my class/Mr Foster Roman villa. here are some pictures.IMG_0094the teacher standing in the centere of this picture is Edna she was explaining  how they got all of the Roman equipment and what they were made out of.

In order to attend our journey we had to go on a train to Orpington.  There was a car park we had to walk through to get the Croften Villa. Straight away when we arrived we ate our food and got split up into groups to do different activities. One of the activities was to draw Roman equipment. My favourite thing to do there was  making mosaics because it was fun and mine turned out looking really nice.

here is an  example of someone’s mosiac:IMG_0122we each had a sheet telling us what to put on a were so we didn’t know how it would look until we had completed our task.


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