Our Educational Visit to the Observatory in Greenwich

We were really lucky to go to the Planetarium as part of our topic ‘Up above and down below’ .

p1010150 p1010148 p1010149We were very excited on the 53 bus to Greenwich.p1010151 p1010152 p1010153 p1010154 p1010155 p1010156

When we got to the park we had a run round picking up leaves and acorn cups.p1010159               Here we are outside the Observatory where the Planetarium.p1010160 p1010166 p1010164 p1010163 p1010162 p1010161 p1010167                         The view of the O2  from the viewing platform. p1010168 p1010169 p1010172 p1010173 p1010175 p1010176 p1010177 p1010178         We had fun with Emma in the ‘Moon Walking’ workshop. We learnt about      planets and zoomed off in a rocket to the moon where we found moon rocks.

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