RC Election: The Results Are In

Reception C has been brimming with election mania today! From the very get-go, the three candidates and their supporters have been canvassing around the classroom.

In the morning, we had the opportunity to pose questions to the party leaders.

“What do you promise?”

“How will you do this?”

“Will you be able to keep your promises?”

After lunch, the party leaders gave their final statements. Then it was voting time. Each voter in Reception C wrote down the name of their chosen candidate and posted into a secret ballot box (there was an option not to vote, but all 28 children and 2 adults present decided to use their vote.) Mrs Adaah invigilated the ballot and a panel of volunteers counted to check the number of votes for each candidate.

Finally, the class gathered as Mrs Adaah announced the election results, which were as follows:

Luca (red party): 7 votes

Jasper (blue party): 8 votes

Juno (purple party): 15 votes


In a surprise turn, the purple party received the most votes by far, making Juno our new Prime Minister. Well done to all three candidates, who all presented very compelling campaigns. With support from her party and the opposition candidates, Juno will now set about making positive changes to Reception C. Her first decision was tomorrow’s activity for the Creative Table, which she confidently announced as “junk modelling”, to a massive cheer and round of applause from the class.


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