Reception S Circus Visit

To kick off our first summer topic of Gosh and Wow, Reception had a brilliant performance and workshop with a circus performer. This learning experience will help the children to develop the motor skills needed to put on their own show at the end of the half term, as well as engaging them in the awe and wonder of circuses, and performances generally.

The children were so engaged and showed off amazing skills (far better than Mrs Shaw and Ms Harman!) in tightrope walking, plate spinning and much more. After the performance, children discussed their favourite parts of the day and then together created their own blog post, in their own words, which you can read here:

Today Matt from the circus came to our school.

First we watched him juggle.

Then he balanced on a really high piece of wood.

Next he juggled while he was balancing!

After that we got to try the circus activities.

We practised throwing and catching scarves.

Then we learnt how to use tickle sticks.

After that we spun plates and went on a tightrope!

There were other activities for us to try too.

It was the best day ever because it was so fun and we learnt how to do lots of  things.

At the end of the half term we are going to do our own circus show for our families.

By Reception S.

Here are some of the photos we took in the session:



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