Today I will be showing you how to turn the most boring rock into something AMAZING…

There are many different things you can paint on a rock and I will show you a few of the patterns and designs you can paint on a rock.

  • The first design I will show you how to do is a gnome…before I show you how to make this I suggest you use a rock with a point at the top. First you will need to do is paint the entire rock with any skin colour of your choice. The second thing you will need to do is paint the top part with any colour…this will make your gnomes hat. Next you will need to leave a small gap for the face and paint a white beard underneath the gap of skin. Then pant all the rest of the section under the beard in different colour to your hat. The final thing you will need to do is paint on the facial features…YOU ARE FINISHED!!
  • The second design I will be showing you how to make are a load of dominos…this is a really quick and easy design to make when you are bored at home (maybe with a friend) and once they are finessed you can play with them. First you need to paint the entire rock black and let it dry. Once your rock is completely dry paint a white line across the middle of the rock and paint a number of dots on each side. YOU ARE FINISHED!!
  • The final design I will be showing you how to make is a very elaborate design and is also quite challenging…by the end you should have a flower design made of different coloured and shaped circles. When you make this design you can use any colour/colours and you want. This is practically it for his design. YOU ARE FINISHED!!I hoped you enjoyed this blog post…please comment what you think I should write about next week.


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