Roman Crofton villa

Last week Wednesday  5f went for a visit in Orpington  at  Crofton villa .  Seven people from our class had to go with 5M the others  and I was one of them went on Wednesday . we took two trains to Orpington .  Because it was raining we had to sit inside to have our lunch.


tessera =

1 we had a box and we had different colours of tessera, and there was numbers on the box , and we had to put the tessera on  numbers to make a patten.

2  dressed up = Four people got to dress up .  Naima was the poor  lady , and Edie was rich   .India  was the farm man and Heszyha was rich.

 3 rubbing the romans = Under the white paper we had a roman stamp,IMG_0135 and we used  gold and grey crayons to draw over them .

4 roman building =  Enda `talked about hypocaust ,and how they lived in the romans time .

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  1. Great blog!! I remember going there in year 5!! What was the picture of the juggling man for??? And also next time remember capital letters. But other that that it was really good!!

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