Run-up to class election

We are electing a Prime Minister for Reception C. The three candidates put themselves forward, chose a party colour and outlined their key policies. They then recruited party members. IMG_0663



Some children from Year 4 had discussions with the three parties, and helped them write their manifestos.

The party leaders then presented their manifestos to the class.

There is a real buzz about the election in Reception C today.

“I’m going to vote blue because it’s my favourite colour.”

“I can’t choose between blue and purple, because I like chocolate cake and I like Lego.”

“I’m voting blue because I like cakes.”

“Red because I want to go on the monkey bars.”

“Purple because Juno gave me a purple badge!”

"We are choosing a Prime Minister. There are 3 children."
“We are choosing a Prime Minister. There are 3 children.”

Opinion polls have shown Jasper’s blue party to be an early favourite, but anything could happen. Tomorrow is election day. Who will you vote for?

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