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Friday 12th  June 2015

Last week, the School Council introduced Peter Wood, the Chief Executive of the 999 Club, to the whole school   community in assembly.  He described the impact of the children’s fundraising efforts, which resulted in so many of the users of the 999 Club’s Winter Shelter having a clean, warm sleeping bag for the night.  He also took the opportunity to launch the following appeal: WE NEED YOUR HELP WITH OUR SOX APPEAL

Over 6,500 people sleep out on the streets every year in London alone. From all walks of life, for all sorts of reasons. Every offer of help can make a difference.

Those of us living in our own homes take for granted our access to clean, comfortable feet. We like to keep them dry and warm. Every day we put on clean socks and set off on our daily journeys. Perhaps we do not stop to think how lucky we are as we pull on our matching socks…In fact if our socks do not match we cast aside the ‘odd’ ones; they do not fit in, they do not look right on their own. So we hide them in bags and boxes and cupboards and we hope that one day their twin will appear and make them whole again. Then we can wear them once again with pride!


During this time we go out and buy more matching socks to wear whilst the waiting game for the matching pair is played out slowly. Often the pairs are never reunited and the odd socks are deemed unfit for our feet. In homes all over the country the piles of odd socks mount up…


We have realised that in London alone there are 13,000 feet that probably do not mind if the clean, dry socks are not quite the same colour or matching pattern!

This is the reason that we have launched our SOX APPEAL. We want to reunite your odd socks with feet who need them.  The aim is to collect 13,000 odd socks to represent the feet that need them and we can’t do this without your help.

What you can do today – please dig out your spares (and pairs) and place them in the giant pink sock by the registers.  We will pass them on to the 999 Club where each sock will be put to good use. We are looking for adult sizes in all styles and any colour but they need to be clean and hole free.

We would like to say a huge thank you to Christine Carnell, a teaching assistant from Holbeach for making this humongous sock to place your donations in.


You can find the Sox Appeal display by the registers with the other School Council displays.

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