Space part 1

Today was the day I accidentally ended up on the other side of existence. Yep, your typical Friday. I will explain to you how I got here in the most detailed way possible.

I screwed up.

Ok, maybe that isn’t the most ‘elaborate’ explanation so, here we go.

Friday morning

7:18 am

I woke up and had some cornflakes. I got into my itchy school uniform, handed down from my brother, Carl.


I watched some Cartoon Network before school.


I missed the bus because my favourite show was on, so I ran to school. I go to St Nicholas academy, one of the highest-rated schools in London. When I ran along the pavement, two men blocked my way.

“Are you Jonathan Cresworthy, Earl of Warwick?” one of them said to me.

“Errr…” I helpfully replied. The other man beckoned for me to follow him. Could they not see that I was 12? How could I be the Earl of Warwick?


We got off the tube at Angel and briskly walked behind them. We went out onto the streets and went into a dark alleyway. (By the way, I often skip boring bits of this story) I could see a faint glowing light and, by the looks of things, we were going towards it.


I was late for school. Maybe because I was in America. The light was a teleporter, and now I was in a busy room with a symbol on the wall which I recognised.


Ok, I thought, whoa. I had always wanted to go to N.A.S.A and here I was. What would my mum think?


People had been showing me around and asking me to do stuff, like filling in forms and looking at what they have been doing. I went into the corner of the room and took a minute just to take in what had happened in the past hour and 51 minutes. I had been accused of being an earl, I have been kidnapped and been taken to NASA!


I was currently outside the rocket Spatium Rimor, which is Latin for ‘Space Explorer’. I was just checking it out when a grim-faced old man came towards me and said,

“A beauty, isn’t she?” At first I didn’t know what he was talking about, but then I remembered the rocket.

“Oh. Oh yeah.”

“What would you say if I told you that you could go on it?”


There I was. On the rocket. Basically, what was happening was the scientists at N.A.S.A had discovered a brand new planet which could hold life. And I was going there!

To be continued……………………………………………………….

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