Steel Pans

I have been playing in the Steel Band for 3 months and 16 days.  The song we are practising at the moment is called ‘I BELIEVE IN ANGELS’  by ABBA.  This is a song you can listen to every day and it makes me feel happy.


The names of the pans in our band are: Bass, Single Seconds and Tenor Pans.  I have always played the Bass Pan which plays the beat of the song.  I like the way I can use some of the notes from other songs we have practised for the Christmas Concert.  I have to hit the Bass Pan softly with my beater, because the Tenor pans are playing the tune.  So, they have to be the loudest.

I like performing in front of other people.  We have to practise really hard to make sure our performances are amazing.

By Reece in Yr 4

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2 thoughts on “Steel Pans”

  1. it is really fun playing steel pans because even though i am new to steel pans Reece has worked really hard and he puts lots of effort in it. They sound really good.

  2. I play the tenor pan and it’s really fun we play every Monday and sometimes tusay and the first performance we did was at the church I really enjoyd it and I can’t wait to play more tunes I want to do it forever!!!

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