Stories of Happiness

Volume II: Mister Spoon


There is a man in Scotland who was born with a birth defect, Cochlearimorbusotosis, which resulted in him having a spoon for a nose. During his youth, he was ridiculed for his disease by everybody in his community. He was bullied as a child, and even his parents used him to their advantage. They would always ask him to do things for them with his spoon nose. It also made things difficult to eat yogurt or soup, as well.


One day, the man (whose name was Jeremy) went to a diseases anonymous group, where he met a lot of people with birth defects just like his. He met a woman with grass for eyebrows, a young man with vacuum cleaners for hands and a beautiful lady who was deaf because she had bricks for ears. It was love at first sight. Jeremy thought that nobody would ever love him, but she was perfect for him. They then got married and lived together forever. They both still got bullied, but they were happy.


The End

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