Stories of Happiness

Volume I: The Prince and the Old Woman


In Italy 400 years ago, there lived a Prince Ferdinand. He lived in a large palace with his 19 brothers. Because he was the oldest, he was next in line to be king. One day, his father, King Alberto, decided that it was time for Ferdinand to get a wife. For the next 3 weeks, maidens from all throughout Italy came to prove why they would make a good wife to him. Unfortunately, Ferdinand didn’t like any of them. One day, an old woman entered the palace. She told Ferdinand that he wouldn’t find his ideal wife, but they would find him. Ferdinand thanked the old lady and asked the king to stop the search. For the next few days, Prince Ferdinand lived a normal life, certain that the old woman was right. One day, when he was out shopping in the market, he met a beautiful young woman buying fruit. The prince fell in love with her immediately. Her name was Isabella, and she was a poor young woman. Ferdinand decided that she was the correct woman to be his wife. He bought a wedding ring and the next time he saw her in the market, he proposed to her. She accepted the proposal straight away and they lived happily ever after.

The End.  

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  1. Really interesting and the adventure of the story keeps me reading the story from beginning to end. Great use of second person.

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