Didn’t we have a lovely day…. the day we went to Whitstable!

Bright sunshine and lots for Year 2 to see at the seaside town of Whitstable, famous for its oysters! As the coach drove through the town we notices lots of differences and similarities with New Cross and Horton Kirby, such as a supermarket, wide roads, lots of traffic, houses that were close together. At the harbour, we expected to see the boats but were surprised to see the all the industry. Luckily, a kind stall-holder in the market explained how to open and clean an oyster. Some of us were tempted to try eating one, but we held back!

After that, we heard how the Lifeboats help to save lives.

Then we walked on through the harbour and found a pile of discarded shells, mostly oyster, but others too, including crab. As we looked out to sea, we noticed wind turbines and other interesting sights.

Finally we found our spot on the beach and settled down for lunch. Despite one of the coaches breaking down, a fabulous day for us all!

Year 2 Home Learning 1st March 2018

2 week project – due 12.3.18

Toys & Games

You know and play lots of different types of games:

  • Outdoor or active games like skipping, racing, chasing and ball games;
  • Party games like pass the parcel and musical statues;
  • Make-believe games like dressing-up, mummies and daddies, hospitals;
  • Card games, board games, etc … such as Snakes and Ladders, Chess, Guess Who, Hungry Hippos, Scrabble, Jenga and Marble Run;
  • Various toys like Lego, cars, dolls;

…. And lots, lots more!

  Could you be a game inventor?

This half term we want you to make up your own game for us to play. What sorts of games do you like playing most? Will that be the type of game that you want to invent?

The best games are

  • Simple (not complicated and fiddly)
  • Easy to learn
  • Fun and challenging (but not impossible)
  • Everyone can play and enjoy it

Try your game out at home and listen to other people’s opinions to make it even better!

You need to give your game a catchy name and write instructions for how to play it.  What else will you need to do so that we can play your game at school? Due back Monday 12th March


Year 2 Home Learning 22nd February 2018

Measuring Length due Monday 26.2.18

Choose 5 items or places in or around your home, e.g. the height of the door or the length of the path). Estimate how long or tall or wide it is in metres (to the nearest metre). Record what you measured, your estimate and the actual length in your book.

Look at your body, and estimate the length of:

  • your arm
  • your foot
  • the circumference of (or around) someone’s head (maybe your sister, or brother, Mum or Dad, etc).

Then use a tape measure to measure the actual measurements and record it in your book

  • How long are both arms together?
  • How long are both feet together?
  • How much longer is your arm than your foot?