This illusion looks like an eye, but if you look carefully it is actually the drain of a sink of bath tub… the drain looks like the eye ball and the water surrounding it looks like the iris and around the “eye” there are many bubbles which makes it look even more like a bath tub.

optile illusion


This second optical illusion looks like this lady/girl’s torso has either disappeared or has turned invisible… but actually the girl is holding a mirror in a specific way so that it is facing the grass bellow her.


In this illusion some people see two skulls in the left and right side of the page, some people see one face in the middle of the page and some people see two faces facing towards each other also in the middle of the page.

opticle illusions

This optical illusion is much like the one before: some people see an old couple, some people see a bird cage and a stair case with a woman on it in the ears of the old couple and others see a young couple sitting in the faces of the old couple wearing sombreros and playing the guitar.



  1. I’d like to know where you found those illusions, because they’re quite confusing with how they look and cool at the same time!

  2. I love optical illusion don’t you? There were some very good ones as well. Well done.
    When I look at these puzzles I can kind of see all the different sides to them. It is cool. I do love a good illusion.

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