The day in the life of Colin

The day in the life of Colin

Have you ever wondered what your pet thinks? Well this blog will give you some idea of what they are doing and thinking.
The day in the life of Colin
7:00am- Colin wakes up.ahhhhh. That was a good dream was SLEEPING all day and then I ate some CHICKEN!!! Oh yeah now I remember. I FOGORT TO WAKE THE HUMANS UP. MAN, looking after these pets are difficult. Now I need to face the treacherous… stairs. Colin goes up stairs. “Wake up I’m hungry!!!” to us humans this is mere noise or meowing. Into lulu’s bedroom, come on get up!!! I’m waiting… oh, oh, oh now she looks at then rolls over. It’s just so happens she has to sleep on the high bed which I can’t get onto. If only she was on the bottom bed I would jump on her and wake her up!!! I do not want to admit it, but Captain Colin has failed, although… I can always go and shout at the little one. Colin goes to Mabel’s room. Come on I want that chewy stick!!! Oooh ohhh oohhh, mum is going downstairs, Time to follow her.colin follows mum downstairs shouting all the way down. “Colin you spilt your water again” Colin is partly deaf. It’s really weird, only their mouths move sometimes, it’s like they have a mute button.
7:30am-the rabbits are in.. It’s just so tempting Colin is trying not to bat them but is failing, his paw is edging closer to them. Don’t do it colin,oh but I have to its just soooo… Colin bats Boo Boo, he sits down again as if nothing has happened. Heehaaa, that was funny. “Colin” I didn’t do it. Lily did. Not fair why do I always get told off and not the rabb…”Lily, don’t do that” Colin walks over to his water bowl. I’m just having a drink… he drags it along the floor. “COLIN. DONT DO THAT YOU NAUGHTY BOY!!!” tick, I set the daddy one off, one point to me. He skips over to the door. Let me out. Come on thought I was the boss… wait, that’s because I am. Finally someone lets him out into the garden, he’s to scare to venture beyond the garden fence so he doesn’t. Down to the garage, ewe, something smells weird. I BET IT’S THAT PESKY BLACK CAT AGAIN, OH… I WILL GET HIM.colin pretends someone is chasing him so he runs back to the door. Let me in, quick they are catching up. Then he runs up the stairs. Oh yeah, loser, I may be old but I sure am faster than you. He races back down the stairs.oh no I’m missing breakfast. He jumps up onto the bench. Hello girls, Oooohhhh can I have some of those cornflakes. Mabel strokes his head. Oh yeah, that’s nice. Puuurrrr puuurrr. Time to go back to bed now.colin goes back to bed.
He sleeps for the rest of the day. And occasionally gets up for a drink, and that is Colins life (one day of it anyway.)

by lulu!!!

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