The Future of Bicycles

For your home learning this week you are to design the bicycle of the future.

Consider who your bicycle is for.  Is it for an adult or a child?  Is it racing bike, a road bike, a BMX or a mountain bike?

Consider what materials will it be made out of.  Will it be cutting edge technology or an eco-friendly renewable material?

Consider what will make it stand out from the crowd.  Will it have 2 wheels?  Will it be 100% human powered?  How will you make it move?

Think carefully about the evolution of bike designs that we saw at the Design Museum and the different opinions of what might happen to bicycles of the future when you’re designing the ultimate Edmund Waller bike.

8 thoughts on “The Future of Bicycles”

    1. it was really good their were these creepy dances their and you had to copy them and they had a really good game their too called monument valley it was really fun!

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