The Iron Man

One evening a farmer’s son, a boy called Hogarth, was fishing in a stream that ran down to the sea.  It was growing too dark to fish, his hook kept getting caught in weeds and bushes.  So he stopped fishing and came up from the stream and stood listening to the owls in the wood further up the valley, and to the sea behind him.  Hush, said the sea. And again, Hush.  Hush.  Hush.

Suddenly he felt a strange feeling.  He felt he was being watched.  He felt afraid.  He turned and looked up the steep field to the top of the high cliff.  Behind that skyline was the sheer rocky cliff and the sea.  And on that skyline, just above the edge of it, in the dusk, was…

What did Hogarth see?  How did he react?  Write the next section of the story, focusing on action and description.

A short animation of the opening scene of The Iron Man, where the Iron Man makes his first appearance.

On Monday, you will be sharing which times-table you are currently working on and the different methods you are using to practise them.  Does anyone at home have any good tips you can share?

Remember, you also need to make sure that you are accessing Mathletics to continue with your learning of fractions, decimals and percentages and Bug Club to help with your reading!

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