In year 5 we have been studying Romans. One of our home learning activities is to represent your favourite feature of the Roman age. I quite enjoy the clothing and fashion of Romans,which will mean I can represent my fascination and show everyone. I have been designing mini tunics, togas and ponchos. In addition I have been making mini leather sandals to match the outfit.I hope  that I can show you all my hard work soon! This is my first design that I made of a day tunic that an average Roman woman would have worn!IMG_1267

Roman Crofton villa

Last week Wednesday  5f went for a visit in Orpington  at  Crofton villa .  Seven people from our class had to go with 5M the others  and I was one of them went on Wednesday . we took two trains to Orpington .  Because it was raining we had to sit inside to have our lunch.


tessera =

1 we had a box and we had different colours of tessera, and there was numbers on the box , and we had to put the tessera on  numbers to make a patten.

2  dressed up = Four people got to dress up .  Naima was the poor  lady , and Edie was rich   .India  was the farm man and Heszyha was rich.

 3 rubbing the romans = Under the white paper we had a roman stamp,IMG_0135 and we used  gold and grey crayons to draw over them .

4 roman building =  Enda `talked about hypocaust ,and how they lived in the romans time .

The Horniman Museum

Last half term year 5 went to the Horniman Museum. When we went inside, we went to see the aquarium on our topic on Victorian fish art. We were free to go around the aquarium, We thought the Jelly fish moved really slow and made us feel calm. We also saw some interesting fishes there to , there was this fish that spat out white bubbles, though we didn’t think it was bubbles we thought it was eggs.We looked around and then we started to draw some very detailed pictures of the fish that were there.It was really hard because they were moving. Then we went to the stuffed animals part and we started drawing the marine stuffed animals that were there.There was a giant walrus there too!🐟