VE Day

Last Friday, the Year 3 children celebrated the end of their Dig for Victory topic with a VE Day celebration at school.P1020892 - Copy

Megan: “VE Day celebrates the end of World War II in Europe (VE stands for Victory in Europe.  Megan used to think that it meant ‘Victory for England’, so she has learnt something new).  We usually celebrate on the 8th of May every year but our celebration was at the end of our topic in July.  At the end of World War II, lots of communities had street parties, where they celebrated the end of the war together.  Before our street party, we pretended to be different countries or dictators and we did a drama activity where we  learnt the order in which different countries joined the war.”


Abdullahi: “I am going to explain how we got ready for our street party.  We made Union Flags to decorate the playground and worked in a team to put out the tables and chairs.  We had food to eat like biscuits, cake and sandwiches.  I also drank lemon juice that was so sour, it made me run around the playground.  In World War II, they didn’t have very much food, so people had a little ration book to make sure the food was shared out fairly.  This was because the Germans used submarines to attack the boats with food on them.  I am glad I did not live during World War II, the bombs would have been scary. Some of the bombs had teeth on them.”


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