Waller Bakery – 2MH


No – this isn’t a display from Ayres! This amazing artisan bread was made by the children of 2MH (with a little help from some Mums & Dads – thank you!).

After we mixed our ingredients, we had to knead the bread then let it rest to activate the yeast, so the dough would rise and the bread would be light and fluffy.

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We then had to leave it to prove for 30 minutes, before we shared it out into equal pieces. Each child was then able to choose their own design, some chose to plait their, while others shaped their bread into twists and buns.


After that we had to leave it to prove again for another 30 minutes, you could see how much the bread increased in size. It reminded Isaac of a flat football and Biba of some play-dough! It was then ready for the oven. It smelled delicious as it cooked. Was there any left for you to taste? What did you think of it?

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One thought on “Waller Bakery – 2MH”

  1. Wow year 2!Those baked goodie’s look so great I bet Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood would love to eat them.What was your faveroute part of the making of your great, baked, goodie’s?

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