What I love about technology!

There are a lot of great things about technology but this is one of my favourites. In the past if you wanted to see or learn something about a place you would have to visit theĀ building or read about it in the library but nowadays you can just go on a computer and look at it onĀ the internet.Ā Now googleĀ have madeĀ a website that allows you to go inside aĀ place and look around it without leaving your home! Often the pictures are more detailed then going to theĀ building yourself. This is especially useful for people that live in a different country to where the building is. Here is an example of the street view: British museum street view


british museum gallery outside

This is a view you can see when you go on to google street map view, its of the outside of theĀ British museum.

british museum gallery

This is another viewĀ from the inside of the British museum

british museum gallery close up detail





This is also something you can look at but there are also a lot of different places you can visit.

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