So this amazing creature is the mix between a Gorilla and a Tarantula and looks a bit strange. Maybe very strange but I am going to explain it any way. Okay, you ready? Imagine a Gorilla, now imagine Tarantula. Got it? Now combine them so it has a gorilla top half and 8 huge hairy tarantula legs come out. That is what the most wonderful most terrifyingly awesome creature the Groantula is.

They live in the grassy planes of the Savanna where they gobbles up at least a ton of insects a day (keeping the environment from being infested with bugs) then it slurping it down with a slurp of morning due on the grass.

Unfortunately they are hunted by cruel, harsh animals- Boommbers which are a type of bird that swoop down from clouds and snip their sharp beaks at your skin one peck  and a whole chunk of your flesh and bones is in their mouths. They are attacked so much by these creatures that the Groantula species themselves are dying out. Scientists want to move them over to a different country but sadly we don’t know enough about them yet to do so but if we do it would be to Las Vegas to unite it with its tarantula part of itself.

Keep on checking up for more info on new creatures!


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