Wick Court Farm Fun

Day 3 at Wick Court Farm and we’ve JUST about managed to get enough internet signal to send a few pictures back from our little corner of Gloucestershire to you all at home…

And we’re away!

The journey went smoothly and soon we were passing through idyllic villages and hearing excited squeals at each new sighting of farmyard animals…

Our home for the week …  The grand farmhouse at Wick Court

Suited, booted and ready to work 

5 thoughts on “Wick Court Farm Fun”

  1. Fabulous photos!
    It looks like you all have been very busy looking after all those animals. I also love the photo of the farmhouse with ‘gaggle of geese’ in the front, what an impressive building.
    Hope you all enjoy the last full day and I’m sending a big hug and love to Elsie x

  2. Hi Lachlann

    I hope you’re having a lovely time. We sent you a letter. I hope it arrives before you leave. We are looking forward to seeing you tomorrow.


    1. The lambs being born was kinda gross and amazing at the same time, but they looked like they were dead for a bit. (0_0)

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