Full Blog Post – Year 4 – School Journey – Windmill Hill Farm

Wednesday 2nd May – Friday 4th May 2018

We all arrived safely at Windmill Hill Farm.

While you are looking through all the photographs of the exciting visit, why not take this opportunity to help develop your child’s confidence with speaking and explaining ?  Encourage them to talk you through each of the activities and ask them questions such as:

  • What were each of the games called? Can you explain the rules?
  • What were the names of the tunnels? Why were they called those names? What animals did you see while you were away?
  • How do you build a raft? Can you remember each step? What was inside each of the barrels? How did that help keep the raft afloat? Where you successful? How do you know? What if one more person joined? What do you think would happen?
  • How did you work as a team to work the giant swing? How high did you go? What did it feel like? How did you feel before/during/after the swing?
  • Can you talk me through and show me how to shoot and aim a bow and arrow? What special steps do I need to remember? Why?
  • What did you find the hardest? Why?
  • How did you overcome your fears? What helped you?
  • What was your most enjoyable experience? Why?

Day One

We were introduced to our host leader, Tom, who organised for us to play lots of fun games in the Sports Hall.

When you click on the link below you will see photographs of the games we played, the Tunnel Trail activity, our accommodation and the Campfire at the end of the day.

Click ‘Download PDF’ file to see all the photographs for Day 1.

Download (PDF, 3.83MB)

Day Two

Day two was full of activity!

We worked together collaboratively to build a raft and then tried it out. How do you think we did? We needed to have good team building skills for that! Some of us overcame our fear of heights and took a leap of faith off the trapeze platform. We helped each other to conquer the challenge course and swung from the sky (or it felt like it) on the giant swing. Some children really believed they could fly !

Check out the photographs here:

Click ‘Download PDF’ file to see all the photographs for Day 2.

Download (PDF, 8.72MB)

Day Three

On the last day of our adventure we all had the opportunity to abseil down a very high tower. We used a bow and arrow to learn all about archery! We were really good at motivating each other by making positive comments and cheering.

Who can you spot being very brave?

Click ‘Download PDF’ file to see all the photographs for Day 3.

Download (PDF, 2.48MB)

We all had such an amazing time!

Year 4! Yeah!






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