Year 5 Home Learning

To support our topic learning, this week we would like you to write a detailed diary entry describing our day at Crofton Roman Villa. You should describe the activities you took part in (mosaic-making, brass rubbing, close observational drawing, dressing up in Roman clothing…) and the new learning you took away with you. Use these questions to help you:

  • How did the Romans dispose of their waste? What kinds of waste did they have and how does it differ from our waste today?
  • How did the Romans heat their homes?
  • What clothing did Romans wear? How did the clothing differ depending on who you were or your status in society?
  • How did the Romans decorate their house, particularly if they were wealthy (remember the floors!)
  • What did you most enjoy? What did you learn that surprised you?
  • From what you’ve learnt so far, do you think life in the Roman times would be easier or more challenging than life today? Why?

Due: Tuesday 30th April

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