Year 5 School Journey to Wick Court Farm

We made it! We’re having a great time and we’ve done so many amazing things. We’ve fed the pigs, fed the cows, fed the chickens, collected eggs, mucked out the geese pen, witnessed the birth of two lambs, did some gardening, landscaping for new beehives and cleaned up horse poop!

We’ve also learnt how to clean up after ourselves so when we get back home, we’ll be more than happy to show you our housekeeping skills!

We are waiting outside the boot-room ready for for hard days work on the farm!
In the barn, waiting to feed the animals.
Feeding the dragon composter!
Now you see why it’s called The Dragon!
Did you know that some chicken eggs are blue?
We were so lucky that we witnessed two lambs being born. We named them Edmund and Waller!
Cleaning out the goose house

New born lambs!


5 thoughts on “Year 5 School Journey to Wick Court Farm”

  1. Dear Year 5
    Looks like you are having a fantastic time. I would LOVE to see lambs being born – very jealous.
    Work hard, have fun, be good! Mabes, take lots of photos!

    Love from Claire (Mabel’s mum)

  2. Great photos and lovely to see you guys mucking in and working so hard. Thanks for the updates – have a great week. Kate and keme

  3. Fab photos – looks like you are having a great time. Can’t wait to see you tomorrow and hear all about it. Love Anna (Freddie’s mum)

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