Year 6 Home learning 16.11.18, due 19.11.18

This week, as part of a co-curricular project, we have designed treasure boxes to protect precious items of our chosen god or goddess from being stolen. Each child has already decided what the items are, who they belong to and who might be trying to steal them.

For home learning, you may choose any one of the following tasks related to this event:

  • Write a recount of the activity you have taken part in during Thursday and Friday, this could be presented as a non-chronological report or a diary entry or a letter.
  • Write the story of your box, explaining why the items are so precious to the god and why someone is trying to steal them. Tell the story of what happens during the robbery and what happens in the end.
  • Write a newspaper article about the robbery.

Use lots of descriptive detail in your writing, including similes, metaphor and personification. It must be hand-written in your best, joined handwriting.

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