Year 6 visit to Wide Horizons or ‘Let’s go back to the Stone Age!’

Today, Year 6 were challenged to see whether they could survive in the Stone Age (it would be touch and go, we have to conclude…). They spent the day fire-lighting, shelter-building, hunting and creating cave paintings from natural materials and a lot of fun was had by all – and a lot of learning.

Year 6, what did you most enjoy about the day out? What was the most interesting thing you discovered? Wheat else did you learn? Did anything surprise you? Please leave your thoughts in the comments.

2 thoughts on “Year 6 visit to Wide Horizons or ‘Let’s go back to the Stone Age!’”

  1. The thing that I enjoyed is when we were making our shelters.The most interesting thing that I discovered is that the people that lived in the paleolithic age had to communicate by drawing pictures. They used blood from an animal to draw on the cave walls.What I also learned is that in the Paleolithic age there was a lot of snow there. However in the Bronze age and the Neolithic their days were getting warmer.I also learned that the people used mammoths tusks for spears.They knew how to make a fire in the Neolithic age.They started to make crops in the bronze age. They also learned to farm animals.

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