Week 1 - 3rd May, 16th May, 6th June, 20th June, 4th July, 5th Sept, 19th Sept, 3rd Oct, 17th Oct

Week 2 - 9th May, 23rd May, 13th June, 27th June, 11th July, 12th Sept, 26th Sept, 10th Oct

Week 1

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

Mega Mozzarella & Tomato Pizza

Creamy Beany Carbonara

Filled Jacket

Summer Berry & Apple Crumble with Custard

Fresh Fruit Platter

Bangers with a Mash Mountain

Barry Bean’s Veggie Chilli

Tuna Salad Sandwich

Shortbread Biscuit with Strawberry Ice Cream

Fresh Fruit Bowl

Roast Turkey and Bud’s Crispy Spuds

Super Quorn Roast and Bud’s Crispy Spuds

Cauliflower Cheese

Flapjack, Yoghurt with Fruit Slices

Fresh Fruit Salad

Sadie’s Bolognese with Spaghetti

Jud’s Spud with Chickpea Korma

Cheese & Tomato Quiche with New Potatoes

Rich Chocolate Cake

Fresh Fruit Platter

Fish Fingers or Quorn burger

Cheesy Picnic Plate

Filled Jacket Potato

Rich Pudding with Peaches

Fresh Fruit Bowl

Week 2

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

Hawaiin Pepper & Pineapple Pizza

Super Veg Quorn Burger with Oven Baked Wedges

Filled Jacket Potato

Silvertop’s Lemon Sponge with Custard

Fresh Fruit Platter

Fab Fish Pie

Pasta Pack’s Mac ‘N’ Cheese

Filled Baguette

Oatie Cookie with Ice Cream & Fruit Slices

Fresh Fruit Bowl

Roast Beef & Bud’s Crispy Spuds

Cheese & Pepper Quiche with New Potatoes

Salmon Fishcake with Sweet Chilli Sauce

Apple & Cinnamon Pie with Custard

Fresh Fruit Bowl

Sadie’s Chicken Tikka

Brilliant Chinese Veggie Noodles

Cheese & Tomato Sandwich

Jelly with Strawberry Mousse

Fresh Fruit Bowl

Super Hero Burger

The Very Veggie Hero Hotdog

Filled Jacket Potato

Super Vanilla Milkshake & Oatie Cookie

Fresh Fruit Platter